Gold Traum Sparkling wine

Gold Traum Sparkling wine
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    Since the Middle Ages, it has been a revered German tradition to add bits of Gold to alcoholic beverages ever seen Goldschlager? Not only signifying festivity and prosperity, the Gold was thought to have medicinal and spiritual value. Over two decades ago, a sparling wine called Lowen Gold was introduced to the US Market, with tiny flakes of gold playing in the bubbles. It was an instant hit and one of our signature products, but has been unavailable for over 3 years. Finally at this time we can offer the same delicious sparkling wine from the same Rudesheimer Weinkellerei in a gorgeous new bottle with a label displaying Klint's famous painting "The Girl Who Dreams." The clear glass surrounding the lady's relaxed, wistful face reveals the hundreds of bubbles and sparkling flakes dancing and floating as the perfect backdrop to what she might be seeing behind her eyelids. Vinified by the experts in high-quality German Sekt, besides the stunning package you'll enjoy the medium-dry blend of Riesling, Chardonnay and Muscat exploding with bright aromas and clean, fresh palate of citrus fruits and lemon zest, topping off with a hint of peach liqueur. CAUTION: Don't shake the bottle! To make the flakes fly, before you pop the cork, tip it to the side until all the flakes gather around the neck, then watch them ride the sparkle!
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