Terre de Neptune Picpoul de Pinet

Terre de Neptune Picpoul de Pinet
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    Country: France
    Grapes: Picpoul blanc
    Region: Picpoul
    Vintage: 2010
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    Picpoul is a grape from the Languedoc region and has a very interesting history. At one point around the time of the Renaissance it was believed that the Picpoul grape was poisonous and therefore wine made from it would make someone sick or worse. But a visitor to the region tried the wine and declared it safe and very satisfactory. Since around the 17th century Picpoul has had a reputation for quality, although it is not widely planted. It is used as a blending wine in some parts of the Languedoc and only the wines made from 100% Picpoul blanc can be called Picpoul de Pinet. If you love oysters, look no further for a wine partner. High in fine fruit acidity and minerality, this bright yellow wine is a great companion for shell fish, oysters and clams. Serve it chilled but not too cold so that the fine aromas of flowers, fresh pear are muted. Drink now and enjoy!

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