2004 Alzeyer Rotenfels Riesling Eiswein

2004 Alzeyer Rotenfels Riesling Eiswein
    Price: $70.00
    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
    Country: Germany
    Grapes: Riesling
    Region: Rheinhessen
    Vintage: 2004
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    Using the more traditional Riesling to craft this Eiswein, Rudolf Geil bit his nails until the conditions were perfect before dawn on December 20th. Braving 12 degree temperatures the winery picked their small plot of grapes and brought them into the winery to be immediately pressed before thawing. It took 3 hours before the first drops ran from the press, but Rudolf knew he had found liquid gold. A wine for the ages, this Geil has it all, combining depth, passionate fruit and wonderful acidity to exemplify everything a wine this special should contain.
    the label on this vintage is actually blue

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